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Welcome to the heart of our mission – Gau-seva, an ancient tradition rooted in the essence of compassion, sustainability, and reverence for all living beings. At the core of our values, Gau-seva embodies the sacred duty of caring for cows, considered symbolic of abundance, selflessness, and the very essence of life.

For Good Health

For Prosperity

For Harmony

Importance of Gau-seva

In Hindu culture, Gau-seva is more than a practice – it is a sacred duty that reflects our interconnectedness with nature. Cows are revered as mothers, providing us not only with nourishment but also embodying the spirit of selfless giving. By engaging in Gau-seva, we honor and reciprocate the love and sustenance these gentle beings offer.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance

Gau-seva is deeply ingrained in our cultural and spiritual heritage. It is a way to express gratitude and uphold the values of compassion and non-violence.

Economic Sustainability

Cows contribute to sustainable agriculture by providing organic fertilizers and serving as a source of renewable energy through products like cow dung and biogas.

Environmental Harmony

By caring for cows, we contribute to a healthier environment. They play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance through their grazing habits.

Nourishing Communities

Gau-seva extends beyond individual benefits – it nourishes entire communities by providing resources like milk, ghee, and other dairy products.

भो गौ मातरः इदं अन्नं समर्पयामि कल्याणम कुरु ||
"Oh, Mother Cow, I offer this food, may it bring goodness."

Vedic Traditions

Join Us on this Journey of Compassion To Feed the Stray Cows

Donating for cows is an act of compassion and responsibility that extends beyond altruism. Your donation transcends mere financial support – it becomes an investment in nurturing life, promoting compassion, and preserving cultural and ecological harmony.

Fresh Feed for Healthy Lives

Your support will enable us to provide high-quality, fresh feed to these abandoned cows, ensuring they receive the nutrition necessary for their well-being.


Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact. Your donation will directly fund the purchase of fresh and nutritious feed for the abandoned cows.

Share the Campaign

Spread the word! Share our campaign on social media, with friends, and within your community. Together, we can reach more hearts and make a collective difference.

Donate Fresh Green Feed (Hara Chaara)

Gau Seva Daan

Rs. 40/-

Per Cow Per Day

Rs. 280/-

Per Cow Per Week

Rs. 1200/-

Per Cow Per Month

Rs. 14,600/-

Per Cow Per Year


In the sacred land of Lord Krishna, join hands with us to support vulnerable and abandoned cows sheltered at Shri Krishan Gaushala, Bihar Van, Raal, Vrindavan, Mathura.

136 ACRES | 8500 COWS

Registered u/s 12AA of IT Act 1961 vide registration no. 80G/2020-21/1027756854(1).

Payment Details

UPI ID: shrikrishangaushalaa@sbi

Account Name: Shri Krishan Gaushala

Account Number: 00000041738901637

IFSC: SBIN0012819

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abandoned cows often face neglect, hunger, and health issues. Our campaign aims to provide them with the care and nourishment they need for a better life.

Your donation will be used to purchase fresh and nutritious feed for the abandoned cows, ensuring they receive essential nourishment and care.

While you can’t choose a specific cow, your contribution will collectively benefit all the abandoned cows under our care, providing a better life for the entire community.

Your donation is directly paid into the gaushala’s account, ensuring a transparent and seamless contribution to support abandoned cows.

Your donation will directly contribute to improving the living conditions of abandoned cows, ensuring they have access to fresh feed, shelter, and necessary care for their overall well-being.

Absolutely! Sharing our campaign on social media, spreading the word within your community, and encouraging others to donate are all impactful ways to support our cause.

Yes, your donation is tax-deductible. We have an 80G certification available, making your contributions eligible for tax deductions. Ensure you check with your tax advisor for specific details.

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Nourishing Bovine Lives

A Compassionate Partnership to Uplift Abandoned Cows

In collaboration with Shri Krishan Gaushala, Haldhaara Farms brings forth a compassionate partnership aimed at transforming the lives of abandoned cows. Recognizing the vital role these gentle souls play in our cultural heritage, the initiative focuses on providing them with the care and nourishment they deserve.

Social Initiative By

Haldhaara Farms, the driving force behind this initiative specialises in cultivating sustainable and nutraceutical green fodder grass. With an unwavering focus on soil health using regenerative farming practices, your contribution not only nourishes the abandoned cows but also contributes to reversing land and soil degradation.

To Support

Every contribution to this initiative goes directly into Shri Krishan Gaushala’s account, ensuring a seamless and transparent channel for supporting the abandoned cows. With your help, we can provide them with fresh feed, shelter, and the compassionate care needed for their thriving existence.

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